The key…

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I have found the key to not sweating during a run. Do so in a breezy, moonlit 44 degrees. Whoa, that’ll wake ya up on a Monday morning!

I may have found the key to knowing when to buy new running shoes, also. My GOSH, do my ankles hurt today. They have been increasingly sore over the last couple weeks, but today I had to cut the run short, and even intersperse some walking to make it home 😦 I confess, though, that my running shoes have crossed over into Zumba, and some other athletic areas. NOT good, I know. So, with a purchase of new shoes, so will begin a log of miles. And, my old Sauconys can still go to Zumba class.

Just over a month now to get myself running an entire 5 miles. Maybe? 4 is tough, I’ll have to push through. Most people would say slow it down. Seriously, not much room for that. Although, I have been a little speedier as of late. More consistantly in the 12-13 minute mile instead of the 14-15 range. I hate to go back there. But, I need the distance. Gonna keep the shorter runs faster, and slow down the “long” ones until Thanksgiving and see how that works. Long, seems kinda funny when I know 2 people that did 26.2 yesterday, and another one counting her days… I’ll get there.  The key? One mile at a time 🙂



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Boot camp? Thursday and then again tonight. Well, the term is in the name of the class. It’s a one hour class at my gym called BOSU Body Bar Boot Camp. Katie is our instructor, and my GOD, is she good at what she does. There was a whole lot of sweating and groaning and heavy, HEAVY breathing. Today’s class was pretty similar to Thursdays, but switched up enough that I can see that she will always keep us on our toes. It went a little something like this…

Good evening friends, let’s all go to the outside track and run 2 miles. Ok…. Although this should have been a piece of cake for me, I struggled, more on that later. 20 jumping jacks, back inside. Grab light hand weights (note to self…apparently 6 lbs aren’t light enough for me), INSANE upper body workout with jacks and verpes(? Down into push up position for a second then pop back up). Oh and the jacks are with the weights being thrust straight up. There were bicep curls and triceps thingies and more cardio. Song over, grab heavy bar (mine did not have additional weights, just the bar.) ANOTHER INSANE upper body routine. This one also included squats. Lots of slow, pulsing, BURNING squats.

I now despise Katie. How does someone with such a cute name and beautiful curly hair have such evil tendencies.

Done with that. Sprint around inside track. Get mat, now with quivery arms and sweaty hands and next to no lung function we got to do a push up routine.

Two minutes if stretching at the end. Good grief.

So about the run fail. What up with that? I don’t know if it’s cuz I don’t run as well in the evening, or if it was my (lack of) nutrition today. Had an oatmeal for breakfast. Lunch was at noon, and was a BLT and chicken noodle soup. Didn’t have too much to drink this afternoon. That right there may be problem. I really need to be more diligent with fueling my body.

So, I can’t go to this class on Thursday. Carter has a Cub Scout meeting. Right now, I’m sad about that. Someone ask me tomorrow. Good night 🙂

2 Miles

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Wow, who remembers I even started a blog? Well, gonna get back on it.

Last Saturday, I RAN the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure 5K in Cleveland. I didn’t PR, but I did better than finish it, I ran the whole way. I was so proud.

This morning, I ran a new distance. A 2 mile race. There was also a 5 mile going on, but I just don’t feel ready to do that distance competitively. This was benefitting the Cleveland police and fire fallen officers scholarship fund. Before the race there was a nice ceremony, and reading of the names of all Cleveland fallen officers.

Then the airhorn blew, and we were off. My father in law was with me, and I pulled away from him at the start. I’m just about a hair and a half faster than he is. I knew I could go a little faster than my normal pace(13-14 minute miles), because it was a shorter distance. I was using the runkeeper app, and every five minutes it tells you your distance and average pace. At 5 minutes, I was at a 10:40 pace. Woo-hoo!! At 10 it was already over 11 min, by 15 I was 12:40. Still faster than normal, but I was breathing harder than normal. When the driveway to turn in was in sight, I pulled out my headphones to take in the cheering crowd. LOVE me a cheering crowd. It was then that I felt something rhythmically hitting my left ankle. Oh no…my right shoe had come untied. So much went through my head at that moment, “you’re close, don’t sweat it”, “omg, I’m gonna fall on my face”, “I don’t think I can bend down and tie it right now”, “AHHHHHH”. I decided, stupidly, to press on. So now, I’m running funny because I’m picking up my right foot extra, so that the laces stay high. Angels must have carried me in, because the clutsiest girl in town managed not to trip over her shoelaces. Time? Maybe 23:20… Not sure. Doesn’t matter. First time is automatic PR, right?

Lesson learned today, double knot shoes before a race. Hands down coolest moment? Three Lorain firemen finishing the five mile around 50 minutes in their suits and boots. Wow.

Next phase

Posted: August 1, 2011 in Health

I have become a little too lax with my exercise/diet.  I realized tonight after reading another person’s successes, that I need to bump it up, with a new challenge.  Tomorrow, I begin the “Bridge to 10k” program.  This should take what I’ve accomplished so far, and carry it from 3.1 miles to 6.2 miles.  I would like to see my time get quicker, but I have a feeling if I wait for that, I’ll never get the distance I crave.  Slow is just how I roll.  And, I’m good with that.  A saying that I read over and over on the C25K Facebook page is, “no matter how slow you are, you’re still lapping people who are sitting on the couch”.  So true…

And the eating recklessly must cease!  A cheat here and there is fine.  Listen up friends, and family… THIS GIRL’S ON A DIET!!!  Don’t tempt me with your homemade goodies, and trips for ice cream.  I see a 40 pound box of chicken breasts in my future, and I’m not afraid to cook them.  My sodium intake has crept back up, as I am catching myself grabbing salty snacks frequently, and eating pickles like they’re no more than their cucumber beginning.  Sodium=diet sabotage and water retention for hypertensive folk.  So, tomorrow is up on the H2O, and down on the crap.  I know what to do, and enjoy doing it.  It’s just so easy not to.

Took the kid and a friend to the pool today.  What a great place to people watch.  I see people that look like me.   I see people that look like I used to (and worse 😦  ), and I see people that look how I would like to look.  I also noticed that my swimsuit was kind of loose.  That was nice.  It’s 3 1/2 years old.  That means a new one in my future for February’s cruise!

There is a local 5K that I was supposed to have signed up for on Saturday.  I can still get the cheap registration if I turn it in tomorrow.  Must do that.  And some Zumba! pals told me about the Susan G Komen race on September 10.  They said there’s usually like 20k people there!!  I will be among them, and plan to PR with ease.  Anyone want to come with?  DALE????????

Wish me luck as I step off tomorrow morning (5:30), and don’t let me use the heat as an excuse anymore.  It’s only momentary.

I have not posted in a while, and I’m feeling compelled this evening to get back on track.  Because, while I hope that some of you enjoy reading about my adventures, I need the accountability that this public presence affords me.  If I know there are people out there who are aware of what I’m doing (or realizing what I’m not doing), I’m more inclined to make better choices.

I have mentioned Ben Davis before.  He’s the guy is a large part of my inspiration for running.  I follow his blog on Tumblr, and keep up with him of Facebook.  Ben made a huge life change a few years back regarding diet and exercise, and is an avid runner.  He is a Marathoner, and an Ironman.  Ben Does Life (  Ben and his Unofficial Do Life 5K tour made a stop in Cleveland, and I couldn’t wait to meet other people in the area that have been inspired to do something for themselves, others who have found the love of running.  Little did I know that one of those people would be my own father-in-law.  Dale started training with the c25k program the day after I did, after reading my blog post.  He didn’t tell anyone he was training until Sunday before the 5k.  He asked when we were going to run together, and of course I figured he was just messing with me.  So, I said “Anytime.  Come over and I’ll lace ’em up, and we’ll go”  I mentioned the 5k, again in jest.  And then he announced that he was on Week 8!!!!!  What a secret he kept.  But, we’re all so proud of him, and it has to help to have the support of his family and friends.

So, he did come to the 5k.  So did my friend, Joy and her daughter, Kristen.  And my friend Colette along with her two kids, David and Sarah.  David and Carter stayed at the front of the pack the whole time on their scooters 🙂  Colette and Sarah walked the route.  Dale, Joy, Kristen, and myself stayed near the middle the whole time.  Everytime I saw Dale he was running.  I took multiple breaks, not used to the hills that were there.  But, this is no excuse.  Dale trains in a gym, certainly no hills there.  He was amazing!  He ran 30 minutes straight, way more than I can say for myself.  My unofficial time was 40 minutes.  My first 5k was nearly 46.  I was happy with the improvement.  It was great to talk to new people, and find out what inspired them, to hear their stories, and to share the common bond of running.  I am going to run a 5k this coming weekend in Wellington(of which I found out from fellow Do Lifer Anna).  I would like to finish in under 40 minutes.  I will try to run the whole thing, but I’ve said it before… not going to hurt myself.  If it’s too much, a walking I will go.

Carter and Mommy at the ocean!

Carter and I had a mini-vacation over the weekend.  Well, drove Thursday, and drove home Monday.  We went to Myrtle Beach!  We went to celebrate a friend’s 80th birthday.  I packed my running shoes, and truly had every intention on running.  You would not believe the humidity there!!! It was a strain to walk out there, let alone run.  Didn’t even try.  On top of that, it was vacation, so the dietary choices were mostly poor.  Lots of sodium rich foods, which I had worked so hard to avoid.  The only meal I don’t regret indulging in is Sunday evening.  We were invited to the Amigo’s for a home-cooked Cuban feast.  There were so many wonderful choices.  Cuban pork, rice and black beans, mango salad, pineapple/avocado salad, fried plantains, and more!  My taste buds were dancing, it was so delicious!!  However, combined with the rest of the weekends “delicacies”, I came home not feeling very proud of myself.

So this morning I shook it all off.  Got up early and went running.  Turtle’s pace came through for me once again.  I also began tracking my food again.  I haven’t tracked in almost 2 months, and slowly my diet got sloppy.  Back to good decisions today, and it feels good.  I went to Zumba this evening, and realized I’ve been missing that, too.  I would like to be under 200 by my birthday.  So, everyone reading this, that’s September 11th!  This is a very doable goal, and there is a Pandora charm in my future if I meet it!  So, root for me and my bling, everyone!

Realizing my progress

Posted: June 22, 2011 in Health

I did something the other day that took me by surprise.  I took off running, chasing a toddler (playing).  I don’t ever recall even doing that with my own kid.  I don’t know if I never had the desire, or if I did, and just suppressed it because I didn’t have the energy.  But it was fun, and when i caught up with him, I rolled down a hill.  Don’t think I’ve ever done that either.  Just a couple of little things that make life happy.  I wonder how many other fun things I’ve missed out on because of my weight.  Oh, I’m still overweight…but it’s coming off.  I weigh myself each Friday.  And while I’m conscious of the number I’m at, I never did the math.  My mother-in-law asked me how much I’ve lost.  So, I figured it out in my head.  In January, when I decided I was going to try and do something, the scale read 248 (shudder).  Last Friday, it said 211.  37 pounds!  That’s about 6 pounds a month.  Not crazy, but certainly not too bad, either.  Proud of me.  I don’t think I have a weight goal.  But I would like to wear a size 10.  This past winter, I was mostly in 20’s, and a couple 18’s.  Two weeks ago I bought a pair of 14 jeans, and they actually were a little baggy in the butt.  Not enough for a 12, but… HOLY COW!!!  So, I guess 160 pounds might be a good goal?  I’m more about the dress size, the scale numbers.

Tomorrow, or maybe Thursday depending on the rain, I will be working the W6D2 c25k workout.  It is the last interval training day of the program.  Last Thursday I did W5D3.  This is the day that everyone warned me about, the one I had myself all worked up about, the one that I nailed.  It was a 5 minute warm-up walk, followed by a 20 minute jog, and then a 5 minute cool-down walk.  It wasn’t pretty, but I did it! W6D1 was back to intervals; 5 minute warm-up walk, jog 5 minutes, walk 3 minutes, jog 8, walk 3, jog 5, and a 5 minute cool-down walk.  W6D2 will be warm-up, jog 10, walk 3, jog 10 cool down.  I will enjoy it.  25 minutes straight on W6D3, W7 is all 25 minutes, W8 is all 28 minutes, and the final week is all 30 minutes.  At the end of week 9, c25k will consider me a graduate.  Hard to believe I’ll be able to do it.  But, back on W1D1, I never thought I’d be able to run longer than 60 seconds.  So, I believe in c25k, and I believe in me!

A goal over the next couple weeks is to start some weight training.  I need to work on these arms…..

Week 4? Piece of cake

Posted: June 2, 2011 in Health

At least, today wasn’t so bad.  We’ll see how tomorrow morning feels.

Week 4 (yes, I should be on Week 5) consists of a warm up brisk walk, jog for 3 minutes, walk for 90 seconds, jog for 5 minutes, walk 2 1/2 minutes, jog 3, walk 90, jog 5, cool down 5 minute brisk walk.  5 minutes sure sounded scary…but alas, it is in the books!!

About being a week behind, I kind of got my training messed up with the 5k, and honestly, a little slacking.  But I repeated W3D3 twice, last time being Saturday.  I was ready to go yesterday with Week 4, but had a too huge dinner of pasta and just didn’t feel a run would work.  So today was go time.  I felt great!  My breathing was a little labored towards the end of the second set of jogs, but nothing so bad I needed to stop.  Mentally, I was there, and kept my eye on the prize.  A few times, I even thought about how next week’s 8 minutes didn’t sound so scary (remind me of that next week).

So, now I can empathize with my Florida friend who would get up to run at 5/5:30 to beat the heat.  I read somewhere that when you run, your body heat makes it feel approximately 20 degrees warmer than it is.  I do NOT disagree!!  And that Miami heat must be twice as bad.  I have got up once early enough to go at it before work.  Mostly, have gone in the evening.  Today I waited until the sun was almost down.  It was beautiful out.  Funny thing is, the bugs realized that as well.  They were bouncing off my eye, in and out my nose, and attempted to take refuge in my mouth. Yuck!!  I need to make stronger efforts to go in the morning to avoid this.

So, the plan is to do W4D2 Friday morning, and W4D3 on Sunday morning.  Who’s gonna take bets….in my favor??!!??


W3D3  – run pace 13.16/mi, walk pace 20.17/mi, total distance 1.6 miles (Carter ran with me!! We ran on a Metropark trail)

W3D3 – run pace 12.59/mi, walk pace 18.06/mi, total distance 1.7 miles

W4D1 – run pace 12.58/mi, walk pace 18.43/mi, total distance 2.1 miles (yay!!! 1st time over 2 miles!!)