A New Adventure

Posted: May 3, 2011 in Health

Earlier tonight, I ran.  Who ran?  I ran.  Yup.

After Vikki planted the seed of entering a 5K ( a BIG, GIANT, scary 3.1 miles), my mind ran crazy with it.  Of course, when I said I would do it, I meant walk it.  Well, after much consideration, we decided we weren’t going to run the 5K that apparently had no benefit?  But, ah yes, the seed, it had started to sprout.  Hours of time on the internet.  “How to begin training to run”…”tips on running”…”interval training”.  A-ha!  Contact someone you know who has already done this, I think to myself.  After an email to a friend, I had a whole new list of things to research.  Laura recommended c25k.com.  Queue the angels, “AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH”. C25K is Heaven on Earth for those of us who know nothing regarding running.

Background:  I am currently 37.  Since the beginning of this year, I have shed almost 30 pounds with dietary changes and regular exercise.  Think Zumba!, everyone.  Love it!!!!  This brings me to Friday’s weight of 217 pounds.  I am down one hypertension med.  Yes, down one, I still have another one on board.  At 37 😦  .  That WILL change.  My heart rate has been consistently lower since I began exercising, and I would hope with another 20 pounds or so, medication will no longer be necessary for the HTN.  I am enjoying the comments from those who I don’t see often, and sometimes even from those who I do.  So far, I’ve lost almost 2 pants sizes (a little bit of gas puts me over the edge), a cup size (sorry, hun), and a chin!  I feel amazing, and almost think it’s crazy that I can feel even better.  But, I will welcome it.

So, I read up on the Couch to 5K Program, and decide it’s for me.  Joined the forums, bought the iPhone app, and couldn’t wait to start on Monday (today, well, technically yesterday I guess).  I laid in bed last night trying to decide if I was going to run in the morning or at night.  Probably would have picked morning, except it was raining this morning, and I’m a wuss.  Carter had baseball practice scheduled from 6-8, I figured I could surely fit in 30 minutes worth of walking/jogging.  Of course (thanks, Murphy), practice was canceled due to swampy fields.  So, we had dinner, I brought him home, and went back to the gym with my iPhone and my app.

I pulled in some of my favorite “high energy” songs, drank as much water as I could stand, selected the Week 1, Day 1 routine and pressed GO! During the 5 minute warm up time, I walked, and stretched, and took note of the guy on the treadmill who, no doubt, would be laughing at me momentarily.  That’s ok, he was a beginner once, too.  Each time I came around I saw he was nearing the end of his workout.  Just as he started stretching, “Alison”, the British voice who is my guide, told me to run.  And I did.  I must have looked a sight.  my headphones cord was flopping about (maybe put it behind my head next time?), my uni-boob was bouncing, my ponytail was swooshing.  I was running! “Walk”, said Alison.  Well, that wasn’t so bad. I continued on with 60 second runs, alternated with 90 second walks.  After a few cycles, I noticed that when I shifted from jogging to walking, my ankles (stupid weak ankles), and my arches kind of barked at me.  Mostly, I could just walk it off.  Twice I stopped, shook them out, and continued on.  Each time, once I started jogging again, the pain dissipated.  After 20 minutes, Alison told me to cool down.  I did it!  I finished my 5 minute cool down, and sucked down the rest of my water.

As soon as I sat down to stretch, my arches and ankles were screaming! What is this?  I stretched them, and shook them, and they quieted down.  I fussed with my app, and typed in how I was feeling, and how many calories I burned (wore my fancy schmancy heart monitor), posted it to Facebook in case anybody cared, and came home.  Kid in bed, check.  Jammies on, check.  Sit and relax for about 10 minutes, check.  Get  up, WHAAAAAAAT?  Shins.  On.  Fire.  Not sure what this is all about.  From what I understand shin splints hurt.  I am not in pain, they seriously feel like they’re burning.  We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

Thank you to Joanna for recommending Second Sole, I will check them out for a decent pair of shoes.  Thank you Laura, for the advice and recommendation of c25k.  Thank you Vikki, for planting the seed.  Thank you to Vince, for loving me and encouraging me. (and for letting me set that long term goal, I expect to see you at the finish line).  Thank you in advance to everyone who supports me in this endeavor.  Running is cool, right?

Oh yeah, overall tonight, how did I do on the stats?  Absolutely miserable.  Plenty of room for improvement.  According to my handy-danday Iphone app,  I walked at  a rate of 28:26/mi, and jogged at a rate of 20.53/mi, and covered 1.1 miles.  Ick.  Like I said, plenty of room.   I burned 455 calories, though! I think day 2 will be Wednesday night during the next scheduled baseball practice.

  1. Jill says:

    Great Job Shannon! Thanks for sharing!

    Sounds like we’re in a similar “place” in life. I’m down 30 lbs this yr., also thru dietary changes & regular exercise. I also have fun medical issues — wasdx with Type 2 Diabetes in November, which was life-altering! I’ve gotten it under great control/management, and am fortunate to have a “mild” version whereby I only have an oral medication. I hope to get the green light after June bloodwork to go off the meds altogether. Let’s hope!

    As for running — I too think I probably look funny, etc., but I feel SOOOO good after a run. It’s very exhilirating. Make sure you look up what the right post-run stretches are, as that may help with your shin splints. I find that running reaches parts of my body that no other exercises seem to hit (kickboxing, sculpting, step, boot camp, you name it….), and they’re GOOD parts to make sore as they are the areas that need the most work!

    Enjoy your C25k!
    p.s. I’m doing the Ovarian Cancer run late summer (my mom had it), and the Warrior Dash, and will probably add a few more 5ks to my roster (post-vacation), if you’re looking for any to join…

  2. Jill says:

    p.p.s. forgot to mention — http://www.sparkpeople.com is a great nutrition/fitness website w/community. They have a group for C25k also. If you are on Sparkpeople, or join, I’ll give you my profile name and we can become “friends” there. They also have blogging. 🙂

    • shancanrun says:

      Thanks, Jill! Glad to hear the diabetes is well controlled. I’ll be pulling for you to kick it’s a$$! I bought a pair of running shoes tonight from Second Sole. The guy was very knowledgable, and I think I’m going to be very happy. Then I went to a strength training class. The instructor showed ms a great stretch for my shins. I’m torn as to running tomorrow or Thursday. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow. What days do you do?

  3. Colette says:

    Hi Shannon!!

    How are you feeling? I’m skipping todays run/walk session to go tomorrow morning (l knee is stiff and r ankle hurts-gonna ice everything down tonite!). I’m anxious to see how your second one goes!

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