Got me some new shoes!

Posted: May 4, 2011 in Health

The good news is, my shins weren’t on fire when I woke up this morning.  However, they weren’t very happy, either.  So off to Medina we went this afternoon, and into Second Sole.  The salesman that helped me was amazing.  I wanted to give him a shout out here, but all I can remember about his name is that it begins with a V (Verrill? , probably not).  Anywhoo…. first he had me remove my shoes and cuff up my pants.  He asked me to walk away from him, and he watched my stride.  He asked me where the pain seemed the greatest, and about how my feet come down as I run.  From his gathered info, he brought me out 6 different pair.  We tried each one on, comparing one foot to another.  I picked the first pair, and it was his gut feeling as well.  They are Sauconys.  I’m anxious to try them out, but I’m not sure if it will be tomorrow or Thursday.

I attended a strength training class this evening, and got a couple of good stretches for the shins as well.  We did a lot of abdominal work today.  I was glad not to do a lot of legs 🙂


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