The Day After W1D2

Posted: May 6, 2011 in Health

Success!!  Feeling good about yesterday.  Laced up the new Sauconys and made my way to the back road of my development, while Vince was chatting with a neighbor.  Thought process being, I only had to run past two homes.  One of them has a lady in her 60’s who probably doesn’t spend her evenings looking out the front window, and the other home has a busy family which I believe has their family room in the rear of the house, and probably wouldn’t happen a glance at me.  Being tucked away back there also shielded poor Vince’s eyes from my plodding, should he happen to try and take a peek.

I came to notice that all the gravel-y crap that has made it’s way into our mud room and foyer is sprinkled throughout the development.  Its like a real fine gravel/sand mix of some sort.  It also is not very pleasant to run on, as it offers zero traction, and is more of a slipping hazard than anything else.  Note to self…stay away from the edges unless a car is coming.

I felt more confident yesterday than I did on Monday.  I think there are a few reasons for this. For starters, I have fancy new running shoes.  In all honesty, they did give me a certain feeling of stability, and I may have pushed myself to run a little faster.  When I ran on the track Monday, I think I was running “softly”, so as not sound like an elephant to the Pilates class below me.  I was also alone in the weight / track room with one other man, and really didn’t want to huff and puff too badly 🙂  Jogging on the road, I wasn’t conscious of how hard my feet were coming down, or if I began to breathe heavy.  Last night, when Alison chimed in that I was halfway through my workout, I peeped at the screen and saw that I had covered just over a mile!  That is my total distance from Monday!  I began to wonder if the GPS had difficulty on the inside track.  On my last running interval, I made my way back to our street.  For the five minute cool down, I walked past our house, and back to meet Vince at the neighbor’s.  We walked home together, and I stretched in the living room.

Stats for Week 1 Day 2 on 5-5-11:  2.0 miles, walk pace 18.52/mi, run pace 12.05/mi, 520 calories burned.

p.s.  The best part!!!!!!!  No shin splints, sore shins, whatever I had last time.  The shoes worked!!!!!


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