Made it to Week 2!

Posted: May 11, 2011 in Health

…and did ok, too!  For three days this week, my running workout will consist of a 5 minute warm-up walk, alternating 90 second runs with 2 minute walks, and then a 5 minute cool-down walk.  So, the runs and walks each increased by 30 seconds.  Not too bad at all.  There are 6 runs all together, the last two were definitely not easy, but I didn’t once think of stopping.  Twice more with that same routine this week.  During those last two runs, I felt a little crampy in my left side.  Everything I’ve read so far (not too much) on runners’ “side stitches” says the pain is usually felt on the right side.  So, perhaps I ran too soon after eating?

The most amazing thing I noticed was the cardiovascular recovery time.  I don’t seem nearly as out of breath as I remember from the first run, and after walking just a short bit, I’m able to breathe again through my nose, and not feel strained.  That makes my heart happy 🙂  I made the decision to run because I wanted to be able to set goals for myself.  I also know that this is a great exercise for weight loss, and general cardiovascular health.  I can just imagine how I’ll feel 6 months from now when running for 30 or even 45 minutes will seem like a breeze.  I love how I am making a difference in my future.

I am planning on participating in 2 upcoming 5k’s.  The first is on May 22nd, and is a benefit for Habitat for Humanity.  On race day, I will be at the end of Week 3, and will  be running 3 minutes at a time.  The race will be my W3D3 workout.  The second run is June29, and is part of the “Do Life 5K Tour” w/ Ben Davis.  Google him if you’re ever in need of some inspiration.  His blog is the reason I decided to publicly journal my training.  It will be an honor to meet him.  He started running to try to become healthier, as a promise to his Grandmother.  He is now a “marathoner”, several times over, and has even completed an Iron Man competition.  Bravo!  I’m keepin’ that 5K in sight…..

That’s it for today, except for the stats.

W1D3 on 5/8/11 – 1.9 total miles, walk pace 18.40/mi, run pace 12.16/mi, calories burned 472

W2D1 today 5/10/11 – 1.8 total miles, walk pace 17.41/mi, run pace 12.06/mi, calories burned 438


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