Week 4? Piece of cake

Posted: June 2, 2011 in Health

At least, today wasn’t so bad.  We’ll see how tomorrow morning feels.

Week 4 (yes, I should be on Week 5) consists of a warm up brisk walk, jog for 3 minutes, walk for 90 seconds, jog for 5 minutes, walk 2 1/2 minutes, jog 3, walk 90, jog 5, cool down 5 minute brisk walk.  5 minutes sure sounded scary…but alas, it is in the books!!

About being a week behind, I kind of got my training messed up with the 5k, and honestly, a little slacking.  But I repeated W3D3 twice, last time being Saturday.  I was ready to go yesterday with Week 4, but had a too huge dinner of pasta and just didn’t feel a run would work.  So today was go time.  I felt great!  My breathing was a little labored towards the end of the second set of jogs, but nothing so bad I needed to stop.  Mentally, I was there, and kept my eye on the prize.  A few times, I even thought about how next week’s 8 minutes didn’t sound so scary (remind me of that next week).

So, now I can empathize with my Florida friend who would get up to run at 5/5:30 to beat the heat.  I read somewhere that when you run, your body heat makes it feel approximately 20 degrees warmer than it is.  I do NOT disagree!!  And that Miami heat must be twice as bad.  I have got up once early enough to go at it before work.  Mostly, have gone in the evening.  Today I waited until the sun was almost down.  It was beautiful out.  Funny thing is, the bugs realized that as well.  They were bouncing off my eye, in and out my nose, and attempted to take refuge in my mouth. Yuck!!  I need to make stronger efforts to go in the morning to avoid this.

So, the plan is to do W4D2 Friday morning, and W4D3 on Sunday morning.  Who’s gonna take bets….in my favor??!!??


W3D3  – run pace 13.16/mi, walk pace 20.17/mi, total distance 1.6 miles (Carter ran with me!! We ran on a Metropark trail)

W3D3 – run pace 12.59/mi, walk pace 18.06/mi, total distance 1.7 miles

W4D1 – run pace 12.58/mi, walk pace 18.43/mi, total distance 2.1 miles (yay!!! 1st time over 2 miles!!)

  1. Laura says:

    Great job Shannon keep up the good work!! And 5 minutes didn’t seem so bad!! Just think in a couple weeks you’ll be running 30!!!!

  2. Joy says:

    Shannon, you have inspired me. I did W2D1 today. I hope I can keep at it. Love your blog!!!

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