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Posted: August 1, 2011 in Health

I have become a little too lax with my exercise/diet.  I realized tonight after reading another person’s successes, that I need to bump it up, with a new challenge.  Tomorrow, I begin the “Bridge to 10k” program.  This should take what I’ve accomplished so far, and carry it from 3.1 miles to 6.2 miles.  I would like to see my time get quicker, but I have a feeling if I wait for that, I’ll never get the distance I crave.  Slow is just how I roll.  And, I’m good with that.  A saying that I read over and over on the C25K Facebook page is, “no matter how slow you are, you’re still lapping people who are sitting on the couch”.  So true…

And the eating recklessly must cease!  A cheat here and there is fine.  Listen up friends, and family… THIS GIRL’S ON A DIET!!!  Don’t tempt me with your homemade goodies, and trips for ice cream.  I see a 40 pound box of chicken breasts in my future, and I’m not afraid to cook them.  My sodium intake has crept back up, as I am catching myself grabbing salty snacks frequently, and eating pickles like they’re no more than their cucumber beginning.  Sodium=diet sabotage and water retention for hypertensive folk.  So, tomorrow is up on the H2O, and down on the crap.  I know what to do, and enjoy doing it.  It’s just so easy not to.

Took the kid and a friend to the pool today.  What a great place to people watch.  I see people that look like me.   I see people that look like I used to (and worse 😦  ), and I see people that look how I would like to look.  I also noticed that my swimsuit was kind of loose.  That was nice.  It’s 3 1/2 years old.  That means a new one in my future for February’s cruise!

There is a local 5K that I was supposed to have signed up for on Saturday.  I can still get the cheap registration if I turn it in tomorrow.  Must do that.  And some Zumba! pals told me about the Susan G Komen race on September 10.  They said there’s usually like 20k people there!!  I will be among them, and plan to PR with ease.  Anyone want to come with?  DALE????????

Wish me luck as I step off tomorrow morning (5:30), and don’t let me use the heat as an excuse anymore.  It’s only momentary.

  1. Dale says:

    OK now you have done it. I am reading between the lines and I feel another challege to do the “Bridge to 10K”. You have now put the target back on your back. I am going to stay on the C25K program until I can run a 5K three times in a row. Then I will feel confident to move on to a 10K. My original goal was to be able to do a 5K by September. I wish you luck in the morning and keep it up. Remember, you are my inspiration for doing this.

  2. annarnorris says:

    Good luck as you transition into working towards a 10k. I remember my first 10k last summer. I ran it after only running 2 5k races. I finished dead last (1:12), but I didn’t care. It was my first race at that distance and the beginning of my half marathon training.

    I can relate to you on slacking on the food front. My willpower seems to die come the evening and then I throw in the towel and just eat a little bit of whatever I please. But the past two weeks have been pretty stressful for me, so I’m hoping now that the stress has lessened, I can get back on track. I have to remember my goal is not only to finish a marathon, but also not to gain weight in the training process.

    What 5k are you looking to run this weekend? Keep us updated!

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