2 Miles

Posted: September 18, 2011 in Health

Wow, who remembers I even started a blog? Well, gonna get back on it.

Last Saturday, I RAN the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure 5K in Cleveland. I didn’t PR, but I did better than finish it, I ran the whole way. I was so proud.

This morning, I ran a new distance. A 2 mile race. There was also a 5 mile going on, but I just don’t feel ready to do that distance competitively. This was benefitting the Cleveland police and fire fallen officers scholarship fund. Before the race there was a nice ceremony, and reading of the names of all Cleveland fallen officers.

Then the airhorn blew, and we were off. My father in law was with me, and I pulled away from him at the start. I’m just about a hair and a half faster than he is. I knew I could go a little faster than my normal pace(13-14 minute miles), because it was a shorter distance. I was using the runkeeper app, and every five minutes it tells you your distance and average pace. At 5 minutes, I was at a 10:40 pace. Woo-hoo!! At 10 it was already over 11 min, by 15 I was 12:40. Still faster than normal, but I was breathing harder than normal. When the driveway to turn in was in sight, I pulled out my headphones to take in the cheering crowd. LOVE me a cheering crowd. It was then that I felt something rhythmically hitting my left ankle. Oh no…my right shoe had come untied. So much went through my head at that moment, “you’re close, don’t sweat it”, “omg, I’m gonna fall on my face”, “I don’t think I can bend down and tie it right now”, “AHHHHHH”. I decided, stupidly, to press on. So now, I’m running funny because I’m picking up my right foot extra, so that the laces stay high. Angels must have carried me in, because the clutsiest girl in town managed not to trip over her shoelaces. Time? Maybe 23:20… Not sure. Doesn’t matter. First time is automatic PR, right?

Lesson learned today, double knot shoes before a race. Hands down coolest moment? Three Lorain firemen finishing the five mile around 50 minutes in their suits and boots. Wow.

  1. Shannon says:

    Oh, how did I forget? Dale came in at 27 minutes, rockin’ his time as well. Go, Dale!!

  2. Alexandra says:

    congratulations on your two-mile! yes, the first time is an automatic PR and it’s the only way to get better! you rock!


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