The key…

Posted: October 17, 2011 in Health, Uncategorized

I have found the key to not sweating during a run. Do so in a breezy, moonlit 44 degrees. Whoa, that’ll wake ya up on a Monday morning!

I may have found the key to knowing when to buy new running shoes, also. My GOSH, do my ankles hurt today. They have been increasingly sore over the last couple weeks, but today I had to cut the run short, and even intersperse some walking to make it home 😦 I confess, though, that my running shoes have crossed over into Zumba, and some other athletic areas. NOT good, I know. So, with a purchase of new shoes, so will begin a log of miles. And, my old Sauconys can still go to Zumba class.

Just over a month now to get myself running an entire 5 miles. Maybe? 4 is tough, I’ll have to push through. Most people would say slow it down. Seriously, not much room for that. Although, I have been a little speedier as of late. More consistantly in the 12-13 minute mile instead of the 14-15 range. I hate to go back there. But, I need the distance. Gonna keep the shorter runs faster, and slow down the “long” ones until Thanksgiving and see how that works. Long, seems kinda funny when I know 2 people that did 26.2 yesterday, and another one counting her days… I’ll get there.  The key? One mile at a time 🙂


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